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“I have found virtually no other technique that has had such a profound effect on my thinking and therefore on my health/life (and I have searched!). Overcoming any last remnants of my scepticism (during the very first of the three days I spent with her) Fran then went on to prove to me the truth of what I had read elsewhere and believed theoretically but not been quite able to apply to my own life. That is, that thinking is power and that positive changes can be wrought even in ones physical body by cleaning up old mental habits and developing new ones – if one only knows how! I have now been shown how. The possibilities are finally real to me as an individual and they are also very doable. This combination of NLP and life-coaching makes for a powerful process, a process I intend to continue to apply in order to affect positive changes in my everyday reality. The people that know me best and/or had previously seen me everyday noticed very real changes in my immediately after I learnt this process.” – Steph

“I came to see Fran as I was very indecisive and unable to voice my opinion.  Fran was very insightful and taught me how to overcome the problems I was having.”   Bertie

“I came to see Fran as I had many issues that needed addressing.  I am pleased to say that I have stopped biting my nails and pulling my hair, I am working out and so focused on the success of my business.  I am on top form.”  Ricky

“After trying hopelessly to deal with a relationship issue, which was causing me much emotional distress,  I went to see Fran.  After just the first appointment I felt myself begin to turn the corner. Fran immediately put me at ease and made it easy for me to talk.  A few months on and I am pleased to say I have not looked back and I feel positive and happy again.   I have found myself using the therapy in other situations in my life, albeit less concerning situations, but it has been a very useful tool.  I cannot recommend Fran highly enough, I only wish I found her sooner.”  Sally

“I went to see Fran as I encountered a terrible experience when I was younger and that was stopping me from doing many things.  After the first session with Fran I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, my life began to change and over time I rediscovered me.  I never thought that could ever happen I cannot change what happened but I have changed the way I deal with it.  Thank you so much Fran” – Chrissie

I went to see Fran as I needed to move on from the past and was unable to do so.  I can honestly say after the first session things changed and from that day  I have never looked back.  To experience such an amazing fulfilling rewarding journey is one I shall never forget.  I feel Fran gave me my life back and no amount of words can express my gratitude to her.  She is so warm, welcoming, compassionate and understanding.  Thank you” – Joanne

I have suffered for a very long time with my weight and I eventually decided to do something about it.   Working with Fran we worked out what was stopping me from losing the weight and in recognising that it enabled me to move forward with everything else in my life.  I have been astounded by the changes I have made and am very happy that I have lost the weight in a way that has been very comfortable with me.  My relationship with food is much healthier, I am much healthier and my “old self” has returned.  Thank you so much Fran” – Lucy

“I went to see Fran as I suffered with OCD.  She has helped me to focus on things very differently.  My life is very peaceful, fulfilling and I now put all my energy into things that are useful to me in my life and I was amazed how quickly change happens – thank you Fran” – Tom

“I spent months deliberating over whether to invest in coaching sessions because you never really know what to expect and wonder whether anyone can tell you anything you don’t already know. But I can honestly say, having decided to go ahead with coaching sessions with Fran, I feel it has changed my life significantly for the better. I had a few issues in my life that I had carried around with me for many years. I had low self confidence, I was stuck in a bit of a career rut and I was doubtful with who I was as a person. I had so many questions but no answers. Going to Fran and sharing my issues with her helped me to look at things with a much wider view instead of just in ‘Black and White’. She helped me banish so much of the negativity I was carrying around on my shoulders, and made me see life from so many different angles. She helped me analyse things on a wider scale, and question why I had put myself into this situation in the first place. With Fran’s help, things for me started to click into place. These days my mind is at peace. I feel positive about myself and what I have to offer, and don’t let things get to me or frustrate as they used to.  I’m on a clear route in conquering my self esteem issues. As a person Fran is very warm, welcoming and makes you feel comfortable from the moment she opens the door to you. She makes you feel relaxed to the point were you will comfortably open up and let out any of those things that have affected you in the past. Going to Fran was a big turning point in my life, and although I had spent a lot of time deliberating, it turned out to be one of the best things I ever done.

Thanks again for all your help” – Natalie

“I came to see Fran as I used to suffer with depression.  Words cannot express my gratitude to Fran for all her help.   My life is fabulous and I am enjoying it once again.  I never thought this change would ever happen until I was introduced to Fran, the best introduction I have ever had -thank you so much” – Judith

“Being the pessimistic person that I was I always looked for the worst, but after only a very short time with Fran I can confidently say that my outllook has changed, and I am much more relaxed and in control, thanks to Fran” – Linda

“I can’t thank Fran enough for the help and encouragement she has given me in improving the quality of my life.  She has helped me see that I can be in control of my own destiny.”  Lynne

“I came to see Fran to make peace with issues I had – notice the word “had” – with my Mum.   I found after the first two sessions my perception of Mum had changed and the peace I got from that change so comforting.  The relationship is now different and I no longer look the same way on things as I did before”. – Sue

“My sessions with Fran were very enjoyable which equipped me with practical tools to make positive changes in my everyday life”. – Anne-Marie

“When I first met Fran I seemed to worry a lot and felt it was taking over my life. Fran taught me some great tips but more importantly she empowered me to make the changes myself. Now I hardly worry at all it does not even enter my mind, if it does I can control it in an instant. Fran has helped me turn my life around and I am so grateful to her for this. Of course she will say I did it all by myself! Thank you Fran” – Sam

Before I met Fran I was stressed out about the fear of the dark I had, it not only affected me at night but I worried about it throughout the night too. After just 3 sessions I’m a completely different person, I no longer am stressed or get scared when in a dark place. Fran has completely changed my life, I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much!” – Rachel

“Before I experienced NLP, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy with Fran, I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the complexities of my life, now I am calm, focused and in control! Thank you.” – Fiona

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Fran for helping me turn my life around- my future is now so bright – thank you Fran” – Mel

“I went to see Fran and I found the training we did together very helpful changing my outlook on various issues.  I will continue to use her going forward” – Brendan Haughey, MD Sentapak

“Following a recommendation from a business colleague I initially saw Fran on my own.  I was extremely pleased with the training and work we did.  Following this Fran spent some time with my staff, the time spent was very productive and all the staff were highly motivated after the sessions.  We will continue to use Fran as she has a very positive impact on our business” – Ashley, Operations Director, Capital Cleaning Supplies Ltd.

“I came initially because I felt life’s pressures were becoming too much and I felt I couldn’t cope. The training I had with Fran helped me become focused and as it turned out what I was stressed about was not important to me at all. After the training I was happy, calm focused and confident. “ – Jacqueline

“Somewhere along the lines, I lost my self confidence and belief in myself. I could not recall a specific point or event which made this happen, it was more of a gradual process. Instead of feeling positive about myself or things in my life, I always looked for the negative first and put unnecessary pressure on myself. Fran has helped me immensely and has taken me on a journey of self discovery, taking me back to points in my past, focusing on self doubt/loss of confidence and teaching me to let go of those times and moving on. Its a very subtle but powerful process and Fran has taught me tools that I apply to everyday life, now focusing on the positives and as a result feeling much more confident once again.” – Natalie

“I went to see Fran for a low self-esteem and confidence issue. Fran has been fantastic for me. She has helped me change my way of thinking which has made me a much more confident and happier person. She has helped me turn my life around and without her help I would not be the person I am now. “ – Julie

“I went along to see Fran as I suffer from a fear of flying. With Fran’s help, I found my time at the airport fun and the flight less stressful. I was able to go through the easy technique Fran suggested to help me on my way to a wonderful holiday.” – Kim

“I went to see Fran as I wanted to give up smoking. I am a keep fit addict and realised my fitness was not as I would like it to be. Since giving up smoking I feel much fitter and am able to do more exercise with ease. It’s amazing.” – Daniel