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Sports Coaching

Inspired Changes specialise in the delivery of tailored Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychology solutions to sporting organisations, businesses and individual clients throughout the South East.

A key area of our business is in helping sporting professionals at all levels of their chosen sport to improve their performance.  We develop and implement bespoke programmes which help individuals to realise their goals, no matter how challenging.

Using a range of practical tools and techniques, such as modeling successful performance, we coach our clients to achieve a wide range of exciting goals, enabling them to discover and achieve what is important to them in their lives.  A Diploma qualified practitioner is on hand at every stage of the process to guide and support client achievement and ultimate success.

We help our clients to:

  • Achieve more by setting and monitoring challenging yet sustainable goals
  • Enhance effectiveness in everyday training and within pressurised competitive environments
  • Overcome obstacles preventing personal or professional progression
  • Unlock and draw upon untapped mental and physical resources
  • Improve energy levels, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Break unhealthy, energy draining thought patterns and attitudes
  • Better understand their thought processes and desires, leading to increased self confidence and inner belief
  • Manage personal thoughts, behaviours and moods
  • Pursue personal excellence at every level

To find out more about how Inspired Changes can help you to reach your goals, please contact me for further information