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Why do we all need coaches?

Athletes, singers and sports professionals, at the highest level of their professions, all have one thing in common. As part of their commitment to stay at the top and develop to new levels of excellence, they employ a coach. Their coach may not even be as good as they are at running, singing or scoring runs or goals. But their coach will be able to give them something they can’t easily give themselves, an external, unbiased perspective of their performance and a depth of experience from fields in which they are not necessarily trained, such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Why do people choose life coaching?

Coaching makes a valuable contribution to the process of helping people to experience life the way they want to experience it and for some can literally change their lives for the better. With the support of a coach, people can make clearer judgements about situations, learn more from experiences, make better choices and take more effective decisions or actions.

We place tremendous pressure on ourselves to have a lot, do a lot and be generally successful in those areas of life we consider important, i.e., a great job, a great relationship, financial freedom – generally living a fabulous life. Coaching is a valuable counterbalance to that pressure.

Employee Coaching
Increasingly organisations are recognising that coaching is an effective tool in managing their employees and their performance and can be a powerful way of ensuring that staff are well motivated and perform to their full potential. Coaching sessions can be used to simply solve day-to-day problems or to the more formal coaching sessions when there are specific performance issues to be addressed. Employee coaching can be beneficial for:

  • Effectively managing employees on a day-to-day basis
  • Addressing under-performance and absenteeism
  • Gaining the commitment of employees to organisational change when employees need to adopt new ways of thinking and working
  • Conducting meaningful performance reviews/appraisals which secure the commitment of the appraisee

Personal Coaching
The aim of personal coaching is to help you, as an individual, identify and achieve personal goals. The focus is therefore on meeting your needs. Personal life coaching may be beneficial if you:

  • want to make changes or decisions in your life, or have some major goals you want to achieve
  • need to gain clarity about what motivates you and what you would like to achieve
  • want to reduce the stress in your life or gain a better work-life balance
  • want to develop your skills, confidence to your full potential

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