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Business Coaching

Inspired Changes specialises in helping business organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams through tailored Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychology programmes.

Our bespoke programmes have been developed to realise tangible business benefits, fast tracking the achievement of identified goals by developing individuals within the team.

Using a range of practical tools and techniques, our services help individuals to achieve their professional and personal goals, and are proven to improve profitability, productivity, minimise absenteeism and reduce operational costs.

By giving your team the chance to better understand, access and use their inner resources, we can help them to:

  • Make clearer judgments, sound decisions and effective actions
  • Manage change effectively at every level
  • Communicate better in order to connect with and influence others
  • Present captivating, compelling and persuasive ideas and arguments
  • Build powerful, sustainable and mutually beneficial relations with clients and partners
  • Achieve more by setting and monitoring challenging yet sustainable goals
  • Enhance effectiveness in everyday activities, especially within pressurised environments
  • Unlock and draw upon untapped skills
  • Improve energy levels, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Break unhealthy, energy draining thought patterns and attitudes
  • Increase self confidence and self esteem
  • Manage personal thoughts, behaviours and moods
  • Overcome obstacles preventing personal or professional progression
  • Pursue personal excellence at every level

To find out more about how Inspired Changes can help you to reach your business goals, please contact me for further information.